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"The Fountain of Youth for Your Old Roof!"

Roof Maxx saves the high cost of roof replacement and the environment at the same time!

What our customers say about Roof Maxx and our services-

5 Stars -  "[Service, Timeliness, Technician, Price] One week after the Roof Maxx was applied to our shingles, I went up on the roof. I noticed that the shingles were significantly softer underfoot. Adhesion of the granules also seemed much better. From the ground I could see noticeable plumping of the shingles and a return to the original layering of the architectural shingles. Before this application they were flatter more like 3 tab shingles. The color seems richer also. Overall, we are very satisfied with this product and with Home Restore of Colorado. "  Tom P.

5 Stars -"Nate was very polite, on time, and did exactly what he said he would.  He was thoughtful about protecting our property.  I would recommend him anytime."         Sharon A.

5 Stars -"[Service, Timeliness, Technician] Nate was pleasant to work with. He returned calls, showed up when he said he would, and did the work in a professional manner."          Paul L.

5 Stars -  "[Price] I’m so glad that I didn’t have to replace roof and you also saved me a ton of money. It would have cost me close to ten thousands to put new roof. Thank you so much!!!"        Mona L.

5 Stars -  "[Price, Service, Timeliness, Technician] Nate was very professional and got back to me in a very quick response . He sent me a estimate and did the job in a few days later. I called the references he gave me and they were very satisfied so i was pleased with there praise of Nate and the job they did. "                  Bob P.


Maintenance Performed Prior to Treatment

Have a missing shingle or two? We replace missing shingles and perform general maintenance on your roof prior to treatment to protect your home for many years to come.


Flexibility guaranteed for 5 years!

5 year warranty included with each treatment to your roof.   The warranty is fully transferable (stays with the property) . Should the shingles lose flexibility in the 5 year period we retreat the roof at a pro-rated cost. Easy and simple!


5 Tests - 1 Result

The Ohio State University conducted testing on Roof Maxx and found that:

Roof Maxx restored the flexibility of 17-year old roof shingles, successfully passing the same materials testing required for new roof shingles.

How We Do It - 3 Simple Steps

Free Roof Inspection


 This essential first step ensures that Roof Maxx is right for you. We take pictures of any items of concern found during the inspection of your roof to share with you and offer simple repair solutions. 

Perform General Maintenance


 Before treating with Roof Maxx, we perform a tune-up of your entire roofing system, with focus on the flashings, the most leak-prone areas of your roof. 

Apply Roof Maxx Treatment


 The application is quick, clean and 100% safe, typically taking less than two hours. Your roof’s flexibility and waterproofing protection returns within 72 hours.